Site Concept Graphic

PROPOSITION A – $79,450,000

2-story HS classroom building with 7 classrooms, 3 science labs, and a CTE classroom
New HS kitchen and cafeteria
New HS restrooms
2-story MS classroom building with 12 classroom and new restrooms
MS cafeteria addition
256 new campus parking spaces

12 classrooms
Maker Space/Reading Center
Play gym/Cafeteria with serving line
Administration and Teacher workroom
67 parking spaces

14 classroom addition with restrooms
Play gym
New playground with swing set
83 new parking spaces

Connection to city water and sewer services
Drainage improvements
Site driveway improvements
Roof and HVAC upgrades at existing buildings
Network and internet connection upgrades

Purchase of land on a new site
New elementary school to serve 600 students

PROPOSITION B – $15,180,000

New bleachers - 1200 home and 500 visitor
New home and visitor restrooms
New 8-lane track for school and community use
New field events space
New concessions/ticketing/locker room building
New turf surface for football, baseball, and softball fields
New press boxes for football, baseball, and softball fields
New baseball and softball bleachers
Security fencing
248 new parking spaces with paving and sidewalks

PROPOSITION C – $1,500,000

Instructional technology refresh for students and staff